Saturday, November 22, 2008


Also called Russian Turquoise.The lighter variety is sometimes called Russian White Turquoise. (even though, it is not from Russia, nor is it white, nor is it Turquoise.) :)

Properties: Soothes nervous system & absorbs negativity, Helps with Creative expression, Inner strength to resolve conflicts and overcome feelings of overwhelm, Breaks through fears and anxiety, Assists in expressing completely and with love on all matters. Strengthens the ability to bring order out of chaos. Removes energy blockages, Soothes tense and aggravated situations and enhances love.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: 

 Angel's Landing,  Kachina,  Kokopelli, Thunderbird,  Time Catcher, Turquoise,  Walk Softly,  

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Lavender and purple Quartz
Properties: “stone of peace” -- gentle sedative energy that promotes peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. Especially peace among “chaos’. Calm the mind and enhance psychic abilities. Recognize the truth in yourself and others. Increase intuition and mental flexibility & awareness of dreams. Intuitive and spiritual insight, alleviates mental stress. Beneficial when dealing with legal problems and money issues. Protective for travelers and from thieves.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Amethyst, Sunset Canyon, Butterfly Kisses, Deep River, Focused Journey, Kiva Dream, Valiant

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Autumn Jasper

Shades of rust, gray & sage --the colors of autumn, helps us move beyond just surviving to making us glad to be alive. Kick back. Relax. The heat of summer is over and the evenings are just cool enough to light a fire in the woodstove or fireplace . All jaspers are protective and nurturing. Enhances visualization, creativity, organizational abilities & business pursuits. Brings joy & happiness & energy to get things done. Helps with physical endurance & connecting with nature & removing obstructions from your path. Supreme nurturer, protection during travel.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Red Jasper, Into the Woods, Wood Badge, Way of the Leaf, Yellowstone, Captivating, Carnelian, Gingerbread, Moss Agate, Spruce Mesa, Sunset Canyon

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Transclucent quartz with tiny mica specks--Available in light green, dark green, peach, cinnamon and blue
Properties: Each color has unique properties, but generally Creativity, Leadership, and fun. Assists one in making the "right" decisions. Surrounds the user in a blanket of Love. clarity of mind, self confidence, inspire, motivate , a stone for leaders and counselors;. Encourages courage, independence, calmness and serenity. Gives adventure and luck in love and sport. Learn how to arrange your house so the energy in each room is more harmonious. Aids in contemplation, meditation. Helpful for headaches and sleeping better.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Jade, Spruce Mesa, Pine Creek, Emerald Pool, Moss Agate, Valiant, Carnelian, Desert Lapis, Angel’s Landing, Desert Serenade, Key Lime Pie, Sunrise, Time Catcher

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Green Jasper dotted with spots of red iron oxide
Properties: Strengthens immune system , Helps with calming, particularly in survival situations. Increases adaptability and organization, and lessens confusion and anxiety, A stone of courage~~brings mental, physical and emotional renewal by releasing blockages. Enhances the intellect, brings energy in many ways, including abundance and prosperity. Can also smooth the way with legal issues

Suggested aromatherapy Blends of: Dragon Quest, Eucalyptus Grove, Timberline, Classic Maya, Green Tourmaline, Twelve Tribes, Grand Staircase, Jade, Moss Agate, Spruce Mesa

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Blue Lace Agate

Enhances ability to express-- helps speak their truth and easier to convey thoughts while speaking. a great choice if you do a lot of public speaking, clears the throat chakra and programs the etheric body for creative work. Works directly with the nervous system to alleviate physical tension, calming and people who are agitated. Physically, it eases a sore throat and takes away the hoarseness associated with your voice.

Suggested aromatherapy Blends of: Blue Lace Agate, Dancing Angels, Angel Essence, Point Sublime, Kokopelli, Visudda,Classic Maya, Floral Weave, Twelve Falls Trail

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Botswana Agate

Lovely agate found only in Africa. Gray, tan, brown, white, peach-- translucent with bands and patterns.
Properties: Fosters focus, concentration, creative self-expression, and sensitivity to nuance and detail, Favorable to those who work with plants, trees, Relaxation and help the nervous system, help handle change in a positive way. Enhance creativity and strengthen the intellect, making it a beneficial for both students and artists. Reveals hidden talents. Different colors in a strand or necklace help to give an understanding of different concepts, blend in with different surroundings.

Suggested aromatherapy blends; Sunset Canyon, Botswana Agate, Time Catcher, Windwalker , Toroweap, Wood Badge,  Enchantment, Into the Woods, Kaibab Canyon