Saturday, November 22, 2008


Also called Russian Turquoise.The lighter variety is sometimes called Russian White Turquoise. (even though, it is not from Russia, nor is it white, nor is it Turquoise.) :)

Properties: Soothes nervous system & absorbs negativity, Helps with Creative expression, Inner strength to resolve conflicts and overcome feelings of overwhelm, Breaks through fears and anxiety, Assists in expressing completely and with love on all matters. Strengthens the ability to bring order out of chaos. Removes energy blockages, Soothes tense and aggravated situations and enhances love.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: 

 Angel's Landing,  Kachina,  Kokopelli, Thunderbird,  Time Catcher, Turquoise,  Walk Softly,  

More information from Firemountain:

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I love this stone!