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Also called Russian Turquoise.The lighter variety is sometimes called Russian White Turquoise. (even though, it is not from Russia, nor is it white, nor is it Turquoise.) :)

Properties: Soothes nervous system & absorbs negativity, Helps with Creative expression, Inner strength to resolve conflicts and overcome feelings of overwhelm, Breaks through fears and anxiety, Assists in expressing completely and with love on all matters. Strengthens the ability to bring order out of chaos. Removes energy blockages, Soothes tense and aggravated situations and enhances love.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: 

 Angel's Landing,  Kachina,  Kokopelli, Thunderbird,  Time Catcher, Turquoise,  Walk Softly,  

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Lavender and purple Quartz
Properties: “stone of peace” -- gentle sedative energy that promotes peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. Especially peace among “chaos’. Calm the mind and enhance psychic abilities. Recognize the truth in yourself and others. Increase intuition and mental flexibility & awareness of dreams. Intuitive and spiritual insight, alleviates mental stress. Beneficial when dealing with legal problems and money issues. Protective for travelers and from thieves.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Amethyst, Sunset Canyon, Butterfly Kisses, Deep River, Focused Journey, Kiva Dream, Valiant

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Autumn Jasper

Shades of rust, gray & sage --the colors of autumn, helps us move beyond just surviving to making us glad to be alive. Kick back. Relax. The heat of summer is over and the evenings are just cool enough to light a fire in the woodstove or fireplace . All jaspers are protective and nurturing. Enhances visualization, creativity, organizational abilities & business pursuits. Brings joy & happiness & energy to get things done. Helps with physical endurance & connecting with nature & removing obstructions from your path. Supreme nurturer, protection during travel.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Red Jasper, Into the Woods, Wood Badge, Way of the Leaf, Yellowstone, Captivating, Carnelian, Gingerbread, Moss Agate, Spruce Mesa, Sunset Canyon

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Transclucent quartz with tiny mica specks--Available in light green, dark green, peach, cinnamon and blue
Properties: Each color has unique properties, but generally Creativity, Leadership, and fun. Assists one in making the "right" decisions. Surrounds the user in a blanket of Love. clarity of mind, self confidence, inspire, motivate , a stone for leaders and counselors;. Encourages courage, independence, calmness and serenity. Gives adventure and luck in love and sport. Learn how to arrange your house so the energy in each room is more harmonious. Aids in contemplation, meditation. Helpful for headaches and sleeping better.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Jade, Spruce Mesa, Pine Creek, Emerald Pool, Moss Agate, Valiant, Carnelian, Desert Lapis, Angel’s Landing, Desert Serenade, Key Lime Pie, Sunrise, Time Catcher

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Green Jasper dotted with spots of red iron oxide
Properties: Strengthens immune system , Helps with calming, particularly in survival situations. Increases adaptability and organization, and lessens confusion and anxiety, A stone of courage~~brings mental, physical and emotional renewal by releasing blockages. Enhances the intellect, brings energy in many ways, including abundance and prosperity. Can also smooth the way with legal issues

Suggested aromatherapy Blends of: Dragon Quest, Eucalyptus Grove, Timberline, Classic Maya, Green Tourmaline, Twelve Tribes, Grand Staircase, Jade, Moss Agate, Spruce Mesa

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Blue Lace Agate

Enhances ability to express-- helps speak their truth and easier to convey thoughts while speaking. a great choice if you do a lot of public speaking, clears the throat chakra and programs the etheric body for creative work. Works directly with the nervous system to alleviate physical tension, calming and people who are agitated. Physically, it eases a sore throat and takes away the hoarseness associated with your voice.

Suggested aromatherapy Blends of: Blue Lace Agate, Dancing Angels, Angel Essence, Point Sublime, Kokopelli, Visudda,Classic Maya, Floral Weave, Twelve Falls Trail

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Botswana Agate

Lovely agate found only in Africa. Gray, tan, brown, white, peach-- translucent with bands and patterns.
Properties: Fosters focus, concentration, creative self-expression, and sensitivity to nuance and detail, Favorable to those who work with plants, trees, Relaxation and help the nervous system, help handle change in a positive way. Enhance creativity and strengthen the intellect, making it a beneficial for both students and artists. Reveals hidden talents. Different colors in a strand or necklace help to give an understanding of different concepts, blend in with different surroundings.

Suggested aromatherapy blends; Sunset Canyon, Botswana Agate, Time Catcher, Windwalker , Toroweap, Wood Badge,  Enchantment, Into the Woods, Kaibab Canyon


Translucent, almost clear to reddish-orange agate; also called Red Agate, Sardonyx (with striping) & Flame Agate
Properties: Focuses attention to the present moment, confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness, precision, analysis, creativity for problem-solving, A powerful tool in major decision-making, Generally enhance and expand the experiences of life.

More information from gemisphere

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Carnelian, Brave Heart, Vanilla Pie Spice, Dreamsicle, Wood Badge, Desert Serenade, Yellowstone, Captivating, Cinnamon Bears, Red Jasper, Swadisthana

Desert Lapis (Dumortierite)

Hard, opaque gemstone usually a dusty denim or deep dark blue, Rapidly gaining popularity, probably because it goes well with denim
Properties: Thought to help gain control over life and see reality , improving ability to stand firm and keep resolve, Provides stamina when subjected to harsh environments , Stimulate verbalization of ideas. Provide insights into basis of conditions in order to understand and correct the cause.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Desert Lapis, Windwalker, Desert Serenade, Kokopelli, Ajna, Anasazi, Deep River, Dragon Quest, Navajo Mountain, Outback Blue, Spurs, Wild At Heart

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Properties: increase mental agility when analyzing important information. Brings order to chaos and allows one to see both reality and truth behind illusion. Emphasizes the concerns of ancestral connections, the immediate home and family, and inter-connectedness with Earth. Truth, protection, peace, self-confidence, free spirit, creativity; Helps one meditate and learn to go past the "chatter" that our minds tend to generate when first learning to meditate. Helps get rid of mental blocks and similar mental issues. "purify" and "detoxify" both the spirit and places. Placed around computers and the workplace to reduce stress and relieve "negative" forces.

Aromatherapy Blends of: Kayenta, Silverado, Dancing Angels, Time Catcher, Manipura, Moonstone, Kachina, Kolob Trail, Symphony, Twelve Falls Trail, Twelve Flowers


Soft, opaque snowy white with pastel gray streaks. Also known as “Buffalo Stone” and even White Turquoise, although it is NOT turquoise.
Properties: Communication, awareness, emotional expression, discernment, retentive memory, decency. Increases appreciation of beauty. Helpful to those who procrastinate. Encourages tact and decency. Mentioned as a treatment for calcium disorders, such as knitting bones and disorders of the teeth. Howlite is rather soft. Care should be used when wearing and cleaning. 

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Cream Soda, Kachina, Symphony, Thunderbird, Time Catcher, Grand Staircase, Spiral Jetty


There are two types of true Jade—Nephrite and Jadeite, each with unique properties. There are also Olive Jade and African Jade, which are not true jades. Properties:
Generates divine unconditional love, assists one in being in touch with ones desires and building the bridges to create dreams into reality. Provides for a healthy expression of self confidence, self reliance and self sufficiency.

“Dream Stone” dream solving, release suppressed emotions via the dream process.

More information on Jade from Fire Mountain

The Guatemalan jade I offer is from Jades, S.A. the largest jade operation in Central America. Certified to be fine Guatemalan Jade, quarried, cut and polished on site by native Guatemalan workers who follow the carving traditions of their ancestors and purchased in person right from the factory. This is the same jade used by the Maya people for jewelry and tools.  Jadeite is harder and denser than any other jade and possesses a richer, more brilliant range of colors.  It is rarer and more expensive than Nephrite Jade. The color of jadeite in my jewelry may be either “Maya Mint” (cool, lighter green) “Black Forest” ( a deep, rich green, almost black) or “Mint Forest” (a gorgeous combination of dark & lighter greens).  These colors are unique to the quarries in Guatemala.  

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Jade,  Kokopelli,   Kolob Trail,    Aztec Treasure, Classic Maya,  Enchantment,   

Fancy Jasper (Indian Agate)

Jasper is generally opaque, of many different colors. This term is sometimes interchangeable with Agate, however Agates tend to be clearer and/or banded.
Properties: Supreme Protection and Nurturer, stabilize emotions, reduce fears & insecurities, encourage prosperity & abundance. Connection with realm of nature. Stimulate flow of cleansing energies. All jaspers—encourage brotherhood; benevolence, good will, generosity, responsiveness.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Red Jasper, Anasazi, Carnelian, Focused Journey, Palomino, Botswana Agate, Dream Weave, Kayenta, Kolob Trail, Moss Agate, Symphony

Kambaba Jasper

Also known as "Green Appaloosa" or Green Cloud.

Properties: Alertness, well-being, independence, quick-wittedness, love, wisdom, spiritual faith and generosity. Relieves depression and anger. Cooling, relaxing, soothing, and quieting. Gives an eye for beauty, especially during gardening and landscaping. Can help manifest abundance, attract money & find hidden treasure. Courage to act on convictions.
Allows life to be more interesting and full of joy here on Earth. Heightens awareness in addition to balancing and stabilizing one's ability to handle the input from increased awareness.
All jaspers are protective stones, and any orbs ("eyes") enhance this.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Angel’s Landing, Spruce Mesa, Jade, Emerald Pool, Pine Creek, Kaibab Canyon, Point Sublime, Kayenta, Green Tourmaline, Ocean Jasper, Moss Agate


Beautiful, intriguing khaki or grey stone with iridescence. “Wizard Stone”
Properties: A stone of transformation-- Helps provide clarity and insight into your destiny. Attracts success. Especially helpful for dream recall, and finding ways to use dreams in daily life. Reduces stress and anxiety. Increases intuition. Patience to recognize the "Right Time" for important events.
Promotes depth of feeling, calmness.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Kachina, Cape Royal, Dancing Angels, Classic Maya, Moonstone, Walk Softly, Valiant, Tree of Life, Symphony, Kokopelli

Lapis Lazuli

The most prized is royal blue, with characteristic glittering golden pyrite specks.
Properties: Brings truthfulness, openness, inner power, intuition, manifestation. Can help organize daily life. Helps build self-confidence, bring peace.
Can help one say just the right thing, as if by magic. Energy focuser for teachers, lecturers and speakers. Enhances creative self-expression. Believed to be useful in relieving depression and promoting spirituality. Stimulates inner vision and enhances wisdom, insight, and good judgment in the practical world. Powerful thought amplifier. Attracts spiritual love, cheers all moods and ills, Understand our emotions, manifesting what we desire, direct our thoughts with more energy, harmony, balance, courage.

Suggested Aromatherapy blends: Desert Lapis, Kokopelli, Valiant, Crown Prince, Ajna, Anasazi, Desert Cathedral, Deep River, Symphony, Turquoise, Visudda

Leopardskin Jasper

Opaque tan, brown, black and ochre-- gets name from its leopard-like spots.
Properties: Helps to protect, ground and balance the physical body's energies and bring them into greater harmony, Gets more personal and stronger the longer it is worn~~ helps us see our personal cycles and attract what we need. Shows us our clear path, giving strength to take action gracefully and powerfully. Strengthens our magnetic attraction to people, places and things that would most support who we really are. Strengthens relationship with beneficial objects and forces. Show others our abilities, talents that have served us. Interact with groups, inspire teamwork. The more “eyes” and variation of colors and patterns, the more we can expect to learn.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Red Jasper, Anasazi, Aztec Treasure, Cinnamon Bears, Palomino, Wood Badge, Yellowstone, Tiger Eye, Thunderbird, Carnelian, Focused Journey


A nice attractive pink to violet lavender color, often with small crystals of tourmaline.
Properties: Increase physical flexibility. Calm and balance the emotions and mind. Change from the old patterns to new, Business pursuits—furthering openness and honesty. Helps the body to be more receptive to positive thoughts and loving energies. Helps one relax and feel comfortable. Allows for more restful sleep if worn at night. Easier breathing. It helps to stabilize the emotions. It can relieve tension headaches. Major tension released in throat and back of neck. It helps one to change from the old patterns to new and is especially useful for addictions.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Amethyst, Navajo Mountain, Pink Tourmaline, Sunset Canyon, Butterfly Kisses, Kayenta, Kiva Dream


Creates calm and peace, and aids sleep. Relaxes an over-taxed nervous system. Transformation, insight, balancing, intuitive reasoning, detect impending danger. Encourages Harmony, knowledge and patience. Calms stormy emotions. Brings prosperity, sometimes called the "Business Man's Stone" Get in touch with subconscious & soul awareness. Supports happiness, soothes troubles, creates communication lines, access past times.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Classic Maya, Aztec Treasure, Emerald Pool, Jade, Green Tourmaline, Thunderbird, Timberline, Kachina, Spruce Mesa


From Australia--usually red to maroon, yellow, brown or cream. Also called Hickoryite.
Properties: For decision making in times of dilemma; best possible decision between opposing sides. Protective, especially emotionally. Celebrate circumstances which are new & assist you to await the 'highest' in all situations. Uncompromising strength when confronting danger. Encourages variety and new experiences in life. Beneficial in modifying children's behavior. Said to be helpful for disorders of stomach.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Red Jasper, Palomino, Kokopelli, Brave Heart, Botswana Agate, Carnelian, Cinnamon Bears, Focused Journey, Dragon Quest


Soft milky white stone, the most valuable variety of feldspar with a rainbow sheen. Shows a silvery or bluish iridescence
Properties: “traveller’s stone” Natural abilities to see, hear, and know are enhanced. Discriminate between harmful forces that masquerade as friendly and true spiritual force. Access truth directly. Perceive spirit. Set up new patterns for ourselves. Activate the subconscious. Receive answers in dreams. Identify the lost dreams of childhood. Accept a life of childlike joy and simplicity. Promotes good fortune, tenderness, calmness, awareness. Brings a flow of life information to the user.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Moonstone, Dancing Angels, Angel Essence, Cream Soda, Kiva Dream, Kokopelli, Point Sublime

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Moss Agate

Crystalline quartz with visible impurities in shapes that resemble moss.
Properties: “Planting & Garden Stone”An abundance stone, gives an eye for beauty, especially during gardening and landscaping.
The mineral totem for the Cornplanting Moon. Teaches to clearly see their link with the mineral and plant kingdoms. General success, and prosperity. Green moss agate is said to assist in finding hidden treasure, communicate with nature spirits. Cooling, relaxing, soothing, and quieting--brings forth images of waterfalls and lying in deep moss.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Moss Agate, Pine Creek, Way of the Leaf, Spruce Mesa, Emerald Pool, Green Tourmaline, Yellowstone, Key Lime Pie, Twelve Falls Trail

Mother Of Pearl

Sings the song of motherly love as it imparts the feeling of being cradled in a loving mother's arms. Overall calming effect as it gently stirs the life energy of your cells like waves lapping the shore. Detects and repairs unfulfilled needs. At the same time, it brings the security of knowing that the Mother within is always in your heart, ready to give you all the love, support, and comfort you need.

Suggested Aromatherapy blends: Mother of Pearl, Serenity’s Child, Sunset Canyon, Butterfly Kisses, Angel’s Landing, Princess Bride, Moonstone, Point Sublime


Commonly thought to reflect back to us (mirror) our own flaws, in no uncertain terms, for Obsidian energy is not thought to be subtle energy. It is said to induce visions and dreams which reveal to us our own part in the difficult areas of our lives.

Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of serenity and purity, has the property of bringing things gently to the surface. Encases emotions so they can be seen for what they are. Provides balance during times of change. Aids in seeing patterns in life and recreating them in a more beneficial way. and can shield against negativity. Protection from physical and emotional harm. Helps with the inner reflection needed to bring real change in difficult areas of our lives. Helps to ease obsessions. Works like an inner snowfall to erode negativity.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Obsidian, Anasazi, Classic Maya, Deep River, Focused Journey, Muladahara, Navajo Mountain, Spiral Jetty

Ocean Jasper

Rare new gemstone, fossilized coral found in only one spot in the world, off the coast of Marovato, Madagascar.
Properties: Brings peace of mind. Helps with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience. Heightens awareness in addition to balancing and stabilizing one's ability to handle the input from increased awareness.
The circular patterns symbolize and help us realize that we are all interconnected and nature is a cyclical pattern. Can also help with circular breathing for healing or meditation.
All jaspers are protective stones, and any orbs ("eyes") enhance this.

Suggested Aromatherapy blends: Ocean Jasper, Deep River, Red Jasper, Kaibab Canyon, Pine Creek, Rain Cove, Spiral Jetty, Silver River

PIcture Jasper

An opaque gemstone, often displaying vistas, pictures and patterns. Most commonly cream, yellow or tan to brown in color.
Properties: Trickles in energy like fine beach sand that sparkles in the sun. Spreads soothing, quieting energy. Clears the throat and lungs. Absorbs disharmony like sand placed on an oil spill. It enhances visualization, especially creative, harmony, & business pursuits. Brings hidden thoughts, griefs, fears to the surface, so that one can face the cause.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Petroglyph, Anasazi, Kokopelli, Sunset Canyon, Red Jasper, Classic Maya, Palomino, Enchantment

Pietersite (Eagle Eye)

Also known as Eagle Eye, Tempest Stone or Tiger Opal. Alive with sweeping patterns of chatoyant blue, red & gold on radiant black and deep brown. Swirls of tiger eye folded in quartz.
Properties: Calm nerves, helps to relax, and release deep emotions in a calmer way. Self esteem and image, boosts morale. Enhances courage, tenacity, and ability to maintain or create what is yours...Fosters courage & strength, Recognize the beauty of the soul and helping to support tenacity and dauntless effort to create and maintain beauty.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Eagle Eye, Tiger Eye, Classic Maya, Anasazi, Time Catcher, Yellowstone, Captivating, Circle of Light

Poppy Jasper

Generally brick red, with black, tan and white patterns. Sometimes referred to as "Brecciated Jasper".
Properties: Joy and happiness and a good outlook on life, appreciate simple joys in life.
Organizational abilities, relaxation, attunement and communication with animals. Can help with animal and other allergies. Motivation, strength and energy to take action, stops procrastination. Acts somewhat like adrenaline, waking up and energizing areas of the body that appear to be sleeping. Personal fears and blockages will disappear.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Red Jasper, Brave Heart, Cinnamon Bears, Terra Cotta, Vanilla Pie Spice, Enchantment, Spurs, Aztec Treasure, Sunrise

Rainforest Jasper

Deep olive green, camouflage shades. Beautiful, unusual, intriguing stone that goes with almost anything.
Properties: Brings peace of mind. Helps with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience. Heightens awareness in addition to balancing and stabilizing one's ability to handle the input from increased awareness. Encourages listening and communication. Advances a spirit of adventure & appreciation of heritage.
Suggested aromatherapy blends: Ocean Jasper, Jade, Classic Maya, Visudda, Deep River, Emerald Pool, Into the Woods

Red Jasper

Deep orange red to brick red opaque stone, prized for its bright red color.
Properties: The key word here is “earthy”. Become attuned to the earth. intensely protective. Promotes relaxation, and contentment, compassion, completion, and organization. Used in stressful situations when it is important to retain one’s own boundaries or when you want to have no outside influence interfering with your energy. Facilitate reiteration of dreams to allow dreamer to remember. Good, slow, steady healing stone.
Suggested aromatherapy blends: Anasazi, Red Jasper, Terra Cotta, Brave Heart, Carnelian, Wood Badge, Gingerbread, Captivating, Sunrise, Swadisthana


"Stone of Love”-- grounding and calming. Encourages unconditional love, self worth and stability. Imparts an aura of elegance, self-confidence and self-esteem. Alleviates anxiety and confusion. Improves memory. Reduces stress, calms mind. Fosters focus, concentration, creative self-expression, and sensitivity to nuance and detail. Restoration, Recuperation. Assists communication of the written and spoken word and is suited to those involved in language and media. Sometimes called the "Singer's Stone" as it is said to improve sound-sensitivity. Singing can speed healing with rhodonite. Put emotion into words of song to release blockages.

Suggested aromatherapy blends of : Valentine, Dancing Angels, Angel’s Landing, Floral Weave, Rose Spirit, Symphony, Valiant, Kayenta, Rose Quartz


Creamy, smooth, opaque stone gathered from riverbeds.
Properties: Energy accelerates change & helps move swiftly through changes. Attracts energy released by moving water. Helps with meditation or spiritual contemplation & greater spiritual experiences and emotional processes like grief or forgiveness.
Accelerates the effects of other energy-medicine protocols, such as herbal or nutritional therapies. One needs to have the motivation and desire to change along with a clear intention. Helps to stay alert when performing a repetitive task.

Suggested Aromatherapy blends: Deep River, Classic Maya, Grand Staircase, Pine Creek, Silver River, Windwalker, Dancing Angels

Rose Quartz

This is a natural pale pink and almost always cloudy variety of Quartz.
Properties: A stone of unconditional love--enhances love in virtually any situation.
Brings gentleness, forgiveness, kindness, self-protection and tolerance. A soothing and happy stone. Benefits the heart and is an important tool for working with emotions. Aids the pursuit of the path of spiritual development and in expressing gratitude. Stand strong for what is right and guard the heart without resorting to anger, violence or destruction.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Rose Quartz, Rose Spirit, Valentine, Kachina, Serenity’s Child, Butterfly Kisses, Anahata

Silver Leaf Jasper

Reminiscent of silvery leaves in a forest, usually with very interesting patterns of black, gray, white, cream and even red.
Extremely protective and reassuring, especially around water. Promotes generosity, stability, awareness, common sense. Helpful, assisting in all dispersions, of dissention, congestion, crowds and overloaded schedules.

Suggested Aromatherapy blends: Anasazi, Silverado, Aztec Treasure, Dragon Quest, Kaibab Canyon, Windwalker, Deep River, Silver River, Obsidian

Smoky Quartz

A clear gray or brown variety of crystalline quartz.
Properties: A protective stone particularly for psychic protection.
Enhances survival instincts, and can help one reach personal and business goals, and assist in making wishes come true, Said to bring abundance, prosperity.
Sleeping with Smoky Quartz under the pillow can help one remember and understand the significance of dreams.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Anasazi, Timberline, Tree of Life, Obsidian, Ajna, Classic Maya


Beautiful sapphire and denim colored stone with white calcite runners.
Properties: Logic, rationality, efficiency, truth, meditation, communication, self-expression, writing. Helpful for work in groups and stimulates thought. Promotes a group consciousness. Good for healing breaches in communication, allowing assurance and free expression when with others. Particularly useful for honesty of emotions. Can unite the logical with the spiritual. Gives confidence to those who are shy or introvert.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Desert Lapis, Kokopelli, Princess Bride, Silverado, Windwalker, Cream Soda

Tiger Eye

Asbestos that has been replaced with iron-bearing quartz, leaving the fibrous appearance behind and creating the "eye" or chatoyant effect, usually gold, brown, red or blue.
Properties: Protection, especially during travel. Enhances good luck, and brings prosperity, often in the form of money. Helps one see clearly without illusion. Promotes integrity, willpower, practicality, confidence, peace, courage, correct use of power and awareness of the big picture in complicated situations. Strengthens convictions, uplifts & energizes. Suggested aromatherapy blends: Tiger Eye, Aztec Treasure, Terra Cotta, Brave Heart, Cathedral in the Desert, Valiant


Properties: Helps see more clearly physically and spiritually. Melds energies of heaven and earth, nurturing, communication, intuition, love, wisdom, understanding, spontaneity. Expands friendships, attracts new friends into your world and protects the domestic environment. Has been thought to warn the wearer of danger or illness by changing color. Attracts wealth & true abundance especially when combined with gold beads. In the 13th century, was the stone to wear if you didn’t want to fall off a horse, building, or precipice, or have a house fall on your head.
Suggested aromatherapy blends: Turquoise, Brave Heart, Valiant, Dragon Quest, Kokopelli, Kiva Dream, Visudda


Blend of two minerals, one pistachio green (epidote) and the other pink (potassium feldspar). Rapidly gaining popularity for its beautiful color combination and durability.
Properties: Focuses on organs, muscle, and soft tissue-- draws out disharmony in the tissues. Relaxes muscles allowing them to reduce their tightness and unknot-- feels like a hot bath or massage. Helpful for gardening. Brings unconditional love of humanity, connection and reunion.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Windwalker, Butterfly Kisses, Dancing Angels, Deep River, Focused Journey, Kachina, Princess Bride, Terra Cotta, Tree of Life