Friday, November 21, 2008


There are two types of true Jade—Nephrite and Jadeite, each with unique properties. There are also Olive Jade and African Jade, which are not true jades. Properties:
Generates divine unconditional love, assists one in being in touch with ones desires and building the bridges to create dreams into reality. Provides for a healthy expression of self confidence, self reliance and self sufficiency.

“Dream Stone” dream solving, release suppressed emotions via the dream process.

More information on Jade from Fire Mountain

The Guatemalan jade I offer is from Jades, S.A. the largest jade operation in Central America. Certified to be fine Guatemalan Jade, quarried, cut and polished on site by native Guatemalan workers who follow the carving traditions of their ancestors and purchased in person right from the factory. This is the same jade used by the Maya people for jewelry and tools.  Jadeite is harder and denser than any other jade and possesses a richer, more brilliant range of colors.  It is rarer and more expensive than Nephrite Jade. The color of jadeite in my jewelry may be either “Maya Mint” (cool, lighter green) “Black Forest” ( a deep, rich green, almost black) or “Mint Forest” (a gorgeous combination of dark & lighter greens).  These colors are unique to the quarries in Guatemala.  

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Jade,  Kokopelli,   Kolob Trail,    Aztec Treasure, Classic Maya,  Enchantment,   

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