Friday, November 21, 2008


A nice attractive pink to violet lavender color, often with small crystals of tourmaline.
Properties: Increase physical flexibility. Calm and balance the emotions and mind. Change from the old patterns to new, Business pursuits—furthering openness and honesty. Helps the body to be more receptive to positive thoughts and loving energies. Helps one relax and feel comfortable. Allows for more restful sleep if worn at night. Easier breathing. It helps to stabilize the emotions. It can relieve tension headaches. Major tension released in throat and back of neck. It helps one to change from the old patterns to new and is especially useful for addictions.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Amethyst, Navajo Mountain, Pink Tourmaline, Sunset Canyon, Butterfly Kisses, Kayenta, Kiva Dream

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