Gemstones for Energy Healing

Crystals and stones are not 'New Age’. They’ve always been a part of our planet.
Gemstones may seem like inert objects, but they are conduits for energy. They can be a powerful tool in manifesting and transforming. They carry, concentrate and amplify vibrational energy.
For this purpose we have many energetic tools of which gemstones are among the most powerful and effective when used with CLEAR INTENTION and knowledge of their application. Intention is a KEY. Decide exactly what changes you wish to make and hold onto the intention.
Stones can be used as crystals, carried in a pocket, put under your pillow, put in drinking water or any number of other ways. It has been determined that using gemstone SPHERES seems to be the most effective when working with energy. They can be used to a great advantage in channeling the energy in Quantum Touch. Put a stone in your pocket, use a ring of stone spheres or wear a necklace , preferably of spheres of any size from 6mm to 12 mm. When worn as necklaces they are able to reach all of the body's major energy centers (meridians).
Single spheres or gem rings can be place on the body in certain areas for certain effects. Anklets or bracelets can be used if you do not want to wear a necklace, but may not be as effective as spheres used around the neck. They are surprisingly powerful. Often changes can be felt after one application.
Generally, the “gemmy” higher quality stones are more powerful. However, inexpensive stones can be extremely powerful. An example is Riverstone, one of the cheapest stones. Choosing gems can be done in several ways. You can consult a gemstone therapy specialist or energy healer.   Determine what is attractive to you. Consider  "Stone casting", muscle testing and other methods. Ask for guidance from your "Higher Power".   Choose a stone or necklace, look up their properties and photos of them. Go to rock shops or bead stores and feel the energies of different stones. Property “vignettes” are listed on this blogsite. See the listings to the left. I have a more detailed word document I can forward to you of the gemstone properties. I have spent several years researching the properties and compiling them into one place.

Those stones that are especially compatible with Quantum Touch or other energy healing include: Amazonite, Amethyst, Angelite, Blue Lace Agate, Botswana Agate, Bloodstone, Orange Calcite, Fluorite (especially Purple Rainbow), Lapis Lazuli, Lepidolite, Poppy Jasper, Rainforest Jasper, Rhodochrosite, Riverstone, Ruby Zoisite, Sugilite and clear or Frosted Quartz.
Once a necklace or stone is chosen, may be worn with the intent to allow it to do what it does best, or it may be given a specific focus that falls within the range of its capabilities. Appreciating a gemstone's assistance enhances its effects. Welcome it into your life with affirmations. Hold in front of you, before putting it on and state your intent.

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