Friday, November 21, 2008

Kambaba Jasper

Also known as "Green Appaloosa" or Green Cloud.

Properties: Alertness, well-being, independence, quick-wittedness, love, wisdom, spiritual faith and generosity. Relieves depression and anger. Cooling, relaxing, soothing, and quieting. Gives an eye for beauty, especially during gardening and landscaping. Can help manifest abundance, attract money & find hidden treasure. Courage to act on convictions.
Allows life to be more interesting and full of joy here on Earth. Heightens awareness in addition to balancing and stabilizing one's ability to handle the input from increased awareness.
All jaspers are protective stones, and any orbs ("eyes") enhance this.

Suggested aromatherapy blends: Angel’s Landing, Spruce Mesa, Jade, Emerald Pool, Pine Creek, Kaibab Canyon, Point Sublime, Kayenta, Green Tourmaline, Ocean Jasper, Moss Agate

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